Becoming Unhurried

Becoming Unhurried

It's time to become unhurried.

It's time to slow down. Time to sit and savor the Word. Time to set our minds and hearts on the God we serve, to meditate on Him.

We've been thinking and meditating, too. And we noticed something amazing about our Savior...

God loves metaphors...

Creativity is a fundamental attribute of who God is.

Think about it... Countless species all varied yet dependent on one another. Whole universes that display his splendor on the scale of atoms and light years. Eight billion people, but not a single one exactly alike (not even twins, like us!).

There is nothing too hard for God because His creativity is truly unlimited. Have you ever thought about HOW he saves, sets free, and heals? He recreates what was broken and He solves an ongoing sin problem with a once-for-all sacrifice. He is THE Creator.

It’s pretty impossible to pick your favorite thing about God but we gave it our best shot.

One of our favorite avenues of God’s creativity is how He communicates. Throughout the Bible, He CHOOSES to speak metaphorically, with layers upon layers of rich, symbolic meaning that just get better and better the deeper you dig:

  • He calls us a branch that is dependent on the Vine… John 15:5
  • He refreshes us with the sweeping river of the Spirit: it moves us and changes the hard rock underneath, bringing life-giving water to parched ground… Isaiah 44:3
  • He challenges us with a Harvest: as far as the eye can see, a fruit that is meant to be gathered… John 4:35

Go ahead, re-read those passages a few times. See how it gets better and better with time? he really, really loves metaphors.

Are you convinced yet? Hold on, it gets even better!

Hebrews 1:3 says that Jesus is “the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of his nature.

The Word Himself, a symbolic representation of God’s complete nature. Just wow!

Yes, God loves a powerful metaphor.

We believe that God uses symbolism in Scripture to reveal layers of meaning. Every time you re-read a verse, the Holy Spirit reveals a little more to you; there’s always a deeper understanding to be gained.

But it takes time.

God speaks in metaphors. He's not in a hurry. When we become unhurried, we're speaking his language.

We're aligning ourselves with His way of doing things.

Because He calls us to be unhurried.

Because He's not in a hurry, either. His image

So, there’s something about abstract, metaphorical thought that mirrors the creative mind of God. Something humanity alone has privilege to. Our ability to understand His and create our own symbolism reflects our Creator, in whose image we are made.

God is the master communicator, and what a joy it is to follow his lead. The Bible is so elegant, and so rich, yet so accessible. Even our little kids can understand that a branch without a tree is no good at all. That the branch without the vine will fall to the ground and wither up.

A picture is worth a thousand words...

We grew up reading every book in sight. Confession: we are the nerdiest of nerds. Thinking about metaphors makes our literature-loving hearts happy. Growing up, our super talented mama taught us everything she could about art and design.

So when we started Anchored Tees Shop, we decided to focus on the beautiful metaphors in Scripture. We wanted each design to be a bite-size Bible study, combining beautiful hand-drawn illustrations with meaningful scripture.

We at Anchored Tees Shop are proud to offer beautiful designs that are resonant with layers of rich truth.We pray that our designs inspire you to dig deeper in God’s word, where there’s always a new understanding to be revealed, and point to our unlimited creative God.

Make it Yours

  • Begin to look for metaphors in the Word. What layers of meaning is God revealing to you?

  • Make up your mind to become unhurried. Metaphors take time. Slow down today to meditate on the Lord! He will meet you there.



Becca and Julie

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These "erased" words symbolize how Jesus' grace erases our sins, our past, and ours shortcomings.

The flowers bring to mind the beauty that flourishes where sin once grew. It's only by His amazing grace! 

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