What's in a Logo?

What's in a Logo?

When we built Anchored Tees Shop, we set off on a mission. If we distill it down, our essential mission is to be messengers of hope.

But not just a wishful-thinking, day-dream kind of hope.

Instead, we want to share the hope of Jesus. It's the eternal hope available to every believer, anchored in the work of Jesus on the cross!

What's in a Logo?

At first glance an anchor is just a symbol familiar to sailors. A source of safety and stability in storm-tossed seas.

But we did some digging.

And we found something amazing.

In the early church, the common symbol for Christianity would most likely not be a cross.

No, early Christians commonly used an anchor as a symbol of their faith. 

They even went so far as to inscribe anchors on believers' tombs in the catacombs.

Why an anchor? 

  • The symbol of a cross can be hidden inside the anchor, making this symbol ideal for use in those early days of persecution. Early Christians were grassroots world changers. They were bold. They were courageous in the face of persecution.
  • An anchor symbolizes hope. Imagine you're a Christian in Rome. Hope is hard to find under Roman rule. Yet, early Christians would cling to the hope of communion with God and promise that Jesus would return for his Bride.

In those early days of the church, what began as a common, everyday symbol of hope was soon elevated into a picture of eternal hope. Hope beyond measure, beyond understanding, even in the stormy days of Roman rule.

In our time, we too sense these storms. We're awakening to the fact that the seas of our modern culture are being tossed and shaken to their depths by spiritual storms.

The days are darkening and believers around the world are being persecuted, just as the early Christians were tested. There is an Enemy at hand who wants to see every spiritual ship wrecked at the bottom of the sea.


Now, more than ever, we cling to the Anchor.

Now, more than ever, we want to spread the good news of hope in Jesus.

Now, more than ever, we hold fast to the promise!

So what's in a logo? It reminds us of our purpose.

Everything we do at Anchored Tees is focused on helping you grab hold of the hope of Jesus and share it with your world.

Featured Shirt

Our Anchored Waves tee reminds us that our hope is secure, even when storms rage! The next time you wear an Anchored Tees shirt, we know you'll be encouraged to hold fast to the hope of Jesus! 

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