We donate $1 from each tee to high school scholarships for girls in Tanzania!

Soon after we started Anchored Tees, we realized that we wanted to do something that would truly make a difference. Cute t-shirts are great, but we wanted our little business to make a big impact. A lot of businesses will say something like "10% donated to charity", but we believe you deserve to know exactly where your money is going. Read on to learn all about it!
God really worked out all the details on this. Through our sister and brother-in-law, who live in Tanzania, we were connected with a really special nonprofit, African Community Advancement Initiative. ACAI has created the Patrick Muthomi Mutai Scholarship Fund to enable girls from the Chumbi Village in the Rufiji District of Tanzania to attend secondary school. We donate $1 from every tee to this life-changing scholarship!


Why is it needed?

Attending school in Tanzania is different than Western schools. Primary school is required (but not strictly enforced) for grades 1 - 7. After Grade 7, all students are required to pass a test to move on to secondary school. Students that do not pass the test enter the work force. Students that pass the test are permitted to move on to secondary school, which lasts for four years and is the equivalent of high school in the U.S. Tuition is free for secondary school, however, there are many other indirect expenses that families must cover in order for the student to attend secondary school.

The average family in Chumbi village, in the Rufiji District of Tanzania, makes less than $1 per day for the whole family! Therefore, most families cannot afford to send their students to secondary school, even if they have taken and passed the entrance test. 

 What does the scholarship provide?

$300 will cover one girl’s secondary school expenses for one year: uniforms, books and school supplies, mathematics tables, schoolbags, and annual housing fees (walking miles to school is not a safe option for many girls).
For each tee you purchase, we automatically donate $1 towards a $300 Patrick Muthomi Mutai Scholarship. Every tee counts, and together we will change the life of an African girl!

What is the long-term impact of this project?

Increased Student Motivation

Since ACAI launched this program in 2015, they have motivated more students in Chumbi village to study hard to pass the secondary school entrance test! Students now realize that their efforts will not be wasted and they are working hard to qualify. In fact, the number of students that qualify for secondary school has been doubling each year! Every student who passes the test is currently provided with books and uniforms by ACAI. But we want to help provide a full scholarship for each of the girls who have earned this opportunity! 


Building Generational Blessings

Studies have shown the direct correlation between education and development. Rural sub-Saharan Africa is one of the least developed places on earth. But there is hope! Because of initiatives like ACAI secondary school scholarships, more students with higher educations will have increased opportunities to help transform their villages by giving back to their region, and some will eventually be provided the opportunity to attend university.


Two Ways to Give

Buy a tee! For each tee you purchase, we automatically donate $1 to the Patrick Muthomi Mutai Scholarship Fund, where $300 provides a full scholarship for one student for one year. Every dollar counts! Let’s see how many girls we can sponsor together in 2019! Go to our shop to make your purchase.

Want to give more? Donate directly through ACAI. Click here to learn more.

Why are we so passionate about making an impact with this project? We have a long background in education. We are both teachers, our mom is a teacher, our aunts and our grandmas are teachers. We know firsthand the importance of education! And this particular scholarship hits close to home, because it honors the memory of a family member, Patrick Muthomi Mutai.

Questions? Want to know more about ACAI or the Patrick Muthomi Mutai Scholarship Fund? Please email us at

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